We do not use commitment contracts.


Confirmation calls and emails are made by us leading up to appointments. If a confirmation attempt is unanswered by the customer we are no longer obligated to honor that appointment. Not all appointments need to be confirmed.

Guarantee of work

All work is guaranteed up to 24 hours from the end of service. If work agreed was not completed or completed but not to the satisfaction of the customer and is reported within 24 hours from the end of service, all reasonable corrections will be made at no additional cost. An unreasonable correction applies to work that was not agreed upon, work that needs an unreasonable amount of time or effort to clean either because it requires a different service or a deeper cleaning (which may carry additional costs), work that falls outside of our normal scope of work, and removing stains that cannot be removed or cannot be removed without the potential of damaging the surface. If the originally-completed work was approved in person by the customer or someone acting on behalf of the customer after completion we are not obligated to honor this guarantee.

Cancellation and interruption

Customers that fail to honor appointments without at least 12 hours notice may be subject to a fee of up to $40. Jobs that require rescheduling after work has begun due to the fault of the customer may be subject to a fee of up to $40.


Payment is due at time of service unless otherwise agreed upon. We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Zelle, and PayPal payments. Late payments made after 7 days of completing service are subject to a $25 late fee. Late payments made after 14 days of completing service are subject to a $50 late fee. Late payments made after 30 days of completing service are subject to additional collection fees to help cover the legal expenses of collection such as court filing fees.


Jobs estimated at or over $100 are subject to a pre-authorization of funds on a credit or debit card of the customer's before any work begins. A pre-authorization is not a charge on the card. All jobs estimated at or over $100 regardless of the final method of payment are subject to credit/debit card pre-authorizations. Failure to comply may result in cancellation of all current and future services.


Price estimates customers receive by phone and email are only estimates and are subject to change when assessed by us in person. Changes in price are established before any work is done and cannot be changed once established and work begins unless additional work is later added by the customer or we feel work was unfairly represented during the price establishment.


We do not share customer information with anyone without prior consent. Furthermore, all data collected from this website through the voluntary submission of the user is used solely for the purpose of estimating a quote for cleaning services and will never be shared with or sold to anyone.


If a customer or a property makes us feel reasonably uncomfortable, we reserve the right to refuse service to
anyone for any reason at any moment during service.


We provide all expected general cleaning agents and equipment. However, there may be particular agents or equipment which we may not provide such as polishes for select woods and stones and any equipment necessary to apply them. Customers will need to provide cleaning agents and equipment for any particular applications. Customers that wish for us to use their own agents and equipment do so at their own risk of damage to surfaces and equipment.