Crystal Clean Homes is a professional full-service home cleaning and maid service company that provides a multitude of home cleaning services in Orange County, Los Angeles County, and its surrounding areas, and has so since 2005. Crystal Clean Homes was founded in Aliso Viejo, California by a family local to Aliso Viejo since 1989 on the belief that the small business is the perfect model for home cleaning because it's small enough to truly connect with its customers but large enough to become a trusted local brand.

We build our cleaning crews on much more than just an ability to clean, we look for lifers who are committed to themselves, their families, and their work. Because of this and because we take the invitation into your home very seriously, we guarantee all of our work before you pay. We are a different kind of cleaning company and you will notice it.

Since 2005, we've guaranteed all of our work 100% before the customer pays. If we ever accidentally miss something, or don't get something quite right, we'll return at no extra cost to you until the job is complete.